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Yixing Teapot 300ml & Cups

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Yixing is famous for its coloured clays and the teapots made from them. The porous nature of the clay means that the unglazed pots absorb tea oils and tannins over time, and build an attractive glossy patina. For this reason, Yixing teapots, sometimes known as ‘memory teapots’, should only be used for one type of tea. They are mainly used for brewing fine oolong, black and puerh teas.

Our dainty and tactile Yixing pots feature a trap (strainer) between the pot and spout, with five regular-sized holes and a snug-fitting lid. Overall, they are ridiculously pleasing 😊 

The Yixing is ideal for the traditional gong fu preparation of the leaves, whereby a high leaf-to-water ratio is brewed briefly for multiple infusions, allowing the nuances of each steep to be revealed. The wet leaf should fill a third or more of the pot. 

We have 3 styles of Yixing teapots in 3 sizes (200ml250ml and 300ml). These petite teapots are intended for individual servings, although our 300ml Yixing teapot could easily serve two.

Please refer to our blog post Seasoning Your Yixing Teapot to learn how to prepare your teapot before its first use. On the other hand, if prepping your Yixing seems too much effort, and you'd prefer to use your teapot for all different styles of tea, check out our über cute glass Asian Teapot for gong fu tea. 


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