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The Jersey Tea Company Spring Green

Organic, spring harvest 2019, 20g compostable pouch


53p per infusion (based on 3 infusions per 2g serving)

We are delighted to introduce the first harvest from The Jersey Tea Company, organically produced by 2 young couples in the small island of Jersey, Channel Islands!

The Spring Green 2019 is a lovely and unique tea, and testament to the hard work of 4 inspirational individuals who have earnestly pursued their dream to produce a tea that more than meets strict organic standards, in a company that's proud to call itself carbon neutral. A mere 1.7kg of Spring Green has been produced, which is exclusively available from Té Amor, in compostable 20g pouches, true to the couples' vision. 

The tea is hand picked and meticulously processed, also by hand, in a renovated facility at Warwick Farm. Leaves are carefully selected, withered, then pan fired in a wok to halt enzymatic browning, better known as oxidation. 

The result is very pretty whole tea leaves, plucked to a standard of 2 leaves and a bud, that when brewed deliver a light bodied cup, with a distinctive marine influence that reflects Jersey's island terroir. Low in astringency and with a hint sweetness on the palate, this re-infuses to give another two very satisfying cups. 

Brewing Guidelines

  • 2g
  • 200ml
  • 3min
  • 80°C
Infuse 3 times. 

Adapt brewing guidelines to taste.  


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