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The Jersey Tea Company Autumn Black

Organically farmed, hand picked autumn 2019, 10g compostable pouch. Very limited availability.


Autumn Black is the first black to tea to be processed by The Jersey Tea Company, and it's arrived as if in a puff of cocoa dust. Hand picked and crafted, it brews a very mellow cup of tea, low in astringency and dominated by notes of artisan chocolate. 

Organically and ethically farmed, Autumn Black is available in compostable 10g pouches in TJTC livery. 

Variety: Camellia sinensis sinensis.
Dry leaf: Tippy, well rolled whole leaves, with dark fruit and chocolate aromas. 
Wet leaf: Mellow chocolate notes. 
Liquor: Pale amber in colour, with deep chocolatey notes on the nose.
Palate: Relatively light bodied, with good strength of flavour. Low astringency, with those attractive, artisan chocolate notes suffusing the mouth. A long, full flavoured finish.

The tea is grown and processed just a couple a kilometers from Té Amor HQ in St Helier, Jersey. The pioneering team behind the TJTC took a well researched risk when they embarked on the project to grow and process tea here on a small island and their first tea came to market in July this year. Less than 1.7kg of the first batch, Spring Green (now sold out) was produced, even less of Summer Green and only a tiny amount of Autumn Black.  

The tea is hand picked (two leaves and a bud) and meticulously processed, also by hand, in a renovated facility at Warwick Farm. Leaves are carefully selected, withered, then pan fired in a wok to halt enzymatic browning, better known as oxidation. The black tea is rolled extensively to create a deeper colour, nuanced flavours and aromas. 

This hugely labour intensive endeavour has shown already, in only the first year of processing, that Jersey has an excellent terroir capable of delivering premium quality tea. And there is so much more to look forward to!

Brewing Guidelines

  • 3g
  • 250ml
  • 2/3min
  • 93°C
Infuse twice. 

Adapt brewing guidelines to taste. 


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