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Silver Needle, 2nd Flush

Organically farmed
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This charming silver needle tea, made solely from tender young buds, produces a remarkably pale yellow liquor, which is delicate and very refreshing. Light aromas of lemon balm and hay, with a clean mineral finish.

Origin: Doke Tea Garden, Bihar, India
Variety: Camellia sinensis assamica

Bihar is a relatively new tea-producing area in northeast India. Doke Tea Garden, named after the river Doke, is run by the Lochan family who farm organically and collaborate closely with the local community. 

Doke might be a new enterprise, but the family’s vast experience in the tea industry is shining bright as their teas pick up medals at international tasting competitions. Doke Silver Needle is no exception, and won a gold medal at the 2016 O-Cha Tea Festival in Japan.

Only the downy buds are meticulously hand picked for the production of Doke Silver Needle. Silver needle teas are the least handled of all, and have earned a reputation for being high in anti-oxidants. After plucking, the leaves are simply dried naturally, sorted then gently baked. Unlike in the production of green tea, where oxidation is halted immediately by the application of heat, white tea does undergo some natural, light oxidation throughout the process, and the result is a pale yellow infusion that’s smooth and sweet.

Brewing Guidelines

  • 3g
  • 200ml
  • 2min
  • 85°C
Brew at 85°C with freshly drawn and filtered water. Use 3-4g (2 teaspoons) per cup and steep for 2 minutes before serving, or to taste. Infuse twice or more.

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