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Shu Pu-erh

Harvested 2007
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A ripened pu-erh with round, earthy flavours and a sweet finish that makes it very approachable.  

20 cups per 50g pack  |  17p per cup (based on 3 infusions per serve)
Origin: Minghai, Yunnan, China

Darks teas are sometimes referred to as the marmite of teas. However, brewed well (short infusion times, with multiple re-infusions possible - you could drink this tea all day long!), this fermented tea is quite becoming; and one of Té Amor's best sellers.

High in probiotics, it is known to aid digestion and, perhaps!, weight loss. 

NB We also stock a raw (sheng) pu-erh – check it out!

Brewing Guidelines

  • 3g
  • 200ml
  • 30sec
  • 98°C

Rinse the dry leaves quickly in boiling water before steeping – this gets rid of tea dust, which tends so to accumulate in aged teas. Steep the first infusion for only around 30-60 seconds. Reinfuse multiple times, until flavour and colour dissipates. 

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