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Sencha Karigane

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A high grade tea, our sencha karigane is lower in caffeine than sencha, with a mellower and sweeter taste. A great value tea. 

Origin: Uji, Kyoto
Harvest: Spring 2019

Our karigane is made from a mixture of the left over tea stems, veins and leaves from an early harvest, high quality sencha that was also shaded briefly before picking. 

Grown mostly in full sun, the leaves are high in catechins, a beneficial natural phenol and antioxidant, which gives the tea liquor a yellowish green hue. The brief shading of the leaves increases the theanine, an amino acid that adds sweetness and flavour to the cup. And because the stems contains less caffeine, the teas is less stimulating than sencha.

Less expensive than sencha or gyokuru, sencha karigane is a great value and flavourful tea at a very reasonable price. 

Brewing guidelines

For two small cups, brew 7-8g of tea leaves in 200ml of water. Use water at around 80°C and brew for one minute before decanting. This tea can be brewed three times, with a full flavoured cup each time.

For a more mellow and less brisk cup, try brewing with slightly cooler water (70-75°C). 

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