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Sencha Fukamushi


An incredibly flavoursome sencha, with a perfect balance of savoury umami notes versus sweetness on the full-bodied palate. The liquor is vivid green in colour, reflecting the high quality of the leaves. 

Cultivar: Yabukita
Origin: Ujitawara, Kyoto, Japan

Fukamushi is a style of sencha that has been deeply steamed, resulting in a sweeter, less astringent tea. The finished leaves are dark green colour, and a mix of short flattened needles with fine broken pieces that form a mush when infused. The consequence is that the finished tea contains a higher leaf content than most tea, and more active components of the tea are absorbed by the body. 

This sencha has been shaded for around 6 days prior to harvest. This increases the amino acid content of the tea, adding weight and texture to the mouthfeel and deepening the flavours. 

Brewing guidelines

For two small cups, brew 7-8g of tea leaves in 200ml of water. Use water at around 80C and brew for one minute before decanting. This tea can be brewed three times, with a full flavoured cup each time. 

NB. As a deeply steamed tea, Sencha fukamushi brews more quickly than regular sencha. If brewed too hot or for too long it will taste bitter.  

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