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Pro Tea Double Walled Fairness Jug



To use this double walled fairness jug from Loveramics, first pour brewed tea from a gaiwan or teapot into the jug and from there into smaller cups. This ensures an evenly distributed flavour allowing guests to enjoy exactly the same tasting cup. Very fair indeed.

Fairness jugs, also known as ‘gong dao bei’ in Mandarin, or ‘cha hai’, are a Taiwanese addition to Chinese gong fu culture. Tea poured directly into cups from a gaiwan will taste different from one another, with the final pour having extracted much more flavour. This is especially the case when you brew small portions of tea with a high leaf-to-water ratio, as in gong fu brewing.

Pouring all the tea first into a fairness jug will evenly distribute the flavour before serving into cups. Moreover, glass fairness jugs also allows you to clearly observe the colour of the brew, enhancing your tea experience.

Materials for fairness cups are mainly glass, ceramic and Yixing clay, but glass is now very popular thanks to the enchanted visual experience it allows.

Material: borosillicate glass
Capacity: 300ml Capacity
Additional Info:

  • Dishwasher / Microwave / Freezer Safe
  • Oven Safe to 220 degrees 
  • Boiling water friendly 
  • Double walled glass


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