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Pro Tea 450ml Mug with Infuser & Lid

by Loveramics


The Pro Tea Mug with Infuser & Lid from Loveramics is created from high quality porcelain that's highly polished and applied with real glaze. This bestows the mug with a smooth and polished appearance, and it also means your drink tastes wonderfully fresh each time you brew a new cup, free of any lingering flavours.

It is also robust and and perfect for any type of tea so you can steep your tea leaves as briefly or as long as you prefer using the stainless steel infuser provided. The balance of all the mug is also enhanced by using a specially fitted ergonomic handle.

- Restaurant grade and food safe
- Dishwasher safe
- Microwave safe
- Material: Porcelain
- Length 13cm; Width 8.5cm; Height 13.5cm; Diameter 8.5cm
- Capacity 450ml

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