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Spring Harvest, Pinglin, Taiwan
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Very aromatic, lush and mouthwatering with flavours predominantly of fresh spring greens.

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Here at Té Amor, we adore pouchong. Also known as baozhong, ours is a flirty little head-turner of a tea, straight from Pinglin in northern Taiwan where the cool, humid weather and mountain mists create the ideal growing conditions for tea. 

Ever popular in Taiwan, and not readily available in the British Isles, pouchong is very lightly oxidised to the point that some vendors classify it as a green tea, but technically it is an oolong (we're on the fence, so put in in both categories🤔). Many pouchongs today come rolled into small beads, but ours is in the more traditional, open and twisted-leaf style, and made with the fragrant chin shin cultivar.

Although the jade green leaves could at first glance be mistaken for a green tea, the longer leaves give it away as an oolong, which come from older more mature leaves on the tea plant. Moreover, this juicy oolong has much more body and mouthfeel than a typical green tea.

Brewing Guidelines

  • 3g
  • 150ml
  • 2 mins
  • 85°C

This tea is very mellow and doesn’t become bitter, even when over-infused. It works very well as a cold-brewed tea, which enhances the tea’s natural sweetness – just put a tablespoon of leaves in a flask, fill with filtered water and refrigerate for a few hours or overnight.

Or, for a hot drink, use freshly drawn and filtered water at around 85°C.

For Western-style brewing in a teapot, steep 3g per cup. Infuse for 2 minutes before serving. Re-steep an additional 2 times (or more) for 2-3 minutes each time. 

For Asian-style brewing in a gaiwan or small teapot, steep 6g of tea for 4-6 infusions. The first infusion can be as short as 30 seconds, and increase the infusion times thereafter up to about 1 minute.

The leaf quantity, infusion time and temperature can be adapted to suit your personal preference.

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