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Piao I Tea Pot

Available in 2 sizes, this smart all-in-one teapot is used for brewing, filtering and serving.




The Piao I Tea Pot has been winning awards for its clever design since 1987. The all-in-one teapot can be used to brew your tea (or even coffee), filter then serve. It’s perfect for controlled brewing of loose leaves, allowing you to tidily avoid the bitterness that results from over-steeping. You simply steep your leaves in the outer chamber, then press the outflow button to release the infusion into the outer chamber. Then re-infuse!

Available in 2 sizes, the smaller 1-cup teapot has a 215ml inner chamber and 500ml outer chamber. The larger one is good for 2 cups, with a 350ml and 1000ml  inner and out chamber respectively. The larger outer capacity of the Piao I means you can re-infuse your leaves several times if you prefer to fill the jug. 

Made from beaker glass, food grade polycarbonate (with a temperature resistance of up to 130°C) and stainless steel, we advise you to hand wash your Piao I.

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