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Matcha Starter Set


This essential matcha kit is great quality and value. It includes a bowl, bamboo whisk and scoop, all of which are hand crafted in Japan.

Set includes: 

- Bowl (chawan): diameter 12cm, height 8cm – the standard matcha bowl size. The rough texture of this bowl helps to smooth out any lumps in the matcha while the high sides mean you can whisk without splashing. Each bowl is handcrafted individually, and therefore unique. 
- Scoop (chashaku): a  traditional natural bamboo measuring spoon.
- Whisk (chasen, 80 bristles): a brilliant and simple whisk, skilfully hewn from a single piece of bamboo. The chasen will work up a good froth and stored correctly keeps for years. 

NB. Bamboo is more brittle when dry, so always wet the bristles before use to prevent breakage.

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