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Manten Kyusu & Yunomi Set


An elegant white porcelain kyusu with matching pair of yunomi tea cups. The Kyusu features a ceramic filter, which is fine enough to be used with small leaf teas, such as sencha fukamushi, but not so fine as to sacrifice taste and flavour. 

The kyusu is a traditional Japanese ceramic teapot specially designed to brew green tea. The Manten Kyusu is 350ml, perfect for 1 to 3 people, in a pleasingly simple style.

Yunomi, or handleless cups, are the most common type of Japanese teacup for daily tea drinking. Made from glazed porcelain, our Manten Yunomi are 120ml in plain white to better appreciate the tea colour. 

Both the kyusu and yunomi are from Tokoname in central Japan, which is famous for its pottery. 

- Hand wash only. Do not put in the dishwasher. 

- Rinse in warm water before first use to remove any little bits of clay or dust. 

- After each use, simply rinse with warm water to clean inside and turn the teapot over to let it air dry. 

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