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Manten Kyusu


An elegant white porcelain kyusu teapot, featuring a built-in ceramic filter which is ideal for brewing all kinds of Japanese teas. 

The kyusu is a traditional Japanese ceramic teapot specially designed to brew green tea. It's ergonomic design means that to pour you twist your wrist rather than extending it, which helps avoid wrist strain.

The Manten Kyusu is 350ml, perfect for 1 to 3 people, in a pleasingly simple style that is easy to clean.

This pretty teapot matches with our Manten Yunomi, or handleless cups. 

Both the kyusu and yunomi are from Tokoname in central Japan, which is famous for its pottery. 

NB When pouring tea from a kyusu, it is necessary to hold the lid in place with your finger. This is the usual way to pour tea with a kyusu. 


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