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Kinto Brim Teapot

450ml or 750ml


A simple, stylish and effective tea brewer, featuring a strainer that's almost as large as the teapot. With this ample space, the tea leaves move freely and bloom widely inside, maximising aroma and flavour.

The wide handle provides a good grip when pouring. The lid is designed so that it does not fall off when the pot is tipped and can be completely removed from the teapot to allow for thorough cleaning by hand or in the dishwasher.

Product features:

• Pot material: porcelain
• Lid material: porcelain
• Strainer material: stainless steel & polypropylene
• Strainer lifespan: permanent
• Capacity: 450ml or 750ml
• Dishwasher safe: all parts
• Microwave safe: pot & lid only
• Country of origin: Japan

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