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KeepCup Brew Cork Edition

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The perfect on-the-go, reusable glass to enjoy the sensory pleasures of speciality tea. 

Made from fully tempered soda lime glass, this limited edition KeepCup features a cork band (sustainably sourced from Portuguese oak forests!) which offers great thermal resistance and is a pleasure to hold.

Our KeepCups are medium (340ml) in size, and come in four different coloured lids: black, grey, yellow and red. 

Features include a splash proof seal and a plug to cover the mouthpiece when not in use. 

It is recommended that you do not remove the cork band, even for washing, which can cause wear and tear. Gently hand wash the KeepCup with a soft cloth then leave the cork band to dry on the glass. 

Key points: 

  • KeepCup is non-toxic, BPA and BPS free.
  • The plug lifts and swivels 90 degrees to open the breather vent and drinking hole. Remove the plug only for cleaning.
  • The glass tumbler is microwave proof to 120°C, although it will accelerate deterioration of the cork by drying it out, so we'd advise you not to. 
  • Do not microwave the lid.
  • Made from toughened soda lime glass: not unbreakable, but surprisingly durable.
  • Assembled from four parts and designed to be taken apart for thorough cleaning.
  • The cork band is a natural, recyclable and biodegradable product, suitable for composting at the end of its life.
  • #5 plastic and glass. The cup, lid and plug are all made from recyclable materials.  


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