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Jasmine Pearls

Origin: Guangxi, China            
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20p per cup (based on 50g purchase and 3 infusions per serve)

Delicate green tea naturally scented with fragrant jasmine blossom – a simple delight. 

Great care is taken in the production of high quality jasmine tea. The picked leaves are layered with jasmine blossoms, heated and left for a few hours. The blossoms are then removed, and the process is repeated several times. 

Brewing Guidelines

Brew as you would a green tea, with water at around 80°C for about one minute. The pearl will only have started to unfurl after one cup, meaning you can reinfuse for several more flavoursome infusions, making our Jasmine Pearls a great value, quality cup. 

Perfect as an afternoon pick me up, or with Asian food. 


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