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Jade Tips, Maojian

Spring 2018


Delicate green tea with a vegetal sweet finish.

Origin: Fujian, China

Variety: Camellia sinensis sinensis

50g pack – 17p per cup (based on 2 infusions at 3g per cup)

Also known as 'hairy tips' after the abundance of downy buds used to make this tea style, our Jade Tips is a lovely light tea with no harshness on the palate. 

The dry leaves are long, neat and forest green. The infusion is a pale, limey colour, with a sappy, grassy freshness, and sweeter floral notes. 

If you don't have a temperature-controlled kettle, make sure you cool your teapot down first with cold water, as boiling water will kill these delicate leaves. 

Brewing Guidelines

  • 2.5-3g
  • 150ml
  • 1 min
  • 70°C
Steep the first infusion for around 1 minute, or to taste. Re-infuse up to 2 more times, for slightly longer each steep. 

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