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Houjicha Karigane


A roasted green tea made from the stems of high grade sencha, this brews up a sweet and nutty nurturing cup that is low in caffeine and high in satisfaction. 

Origin: Uji, Japan
Harvest: Spring 2019

Our Karigane Houricha is made from the stems of high grade sencha which are briefly shaded before picking. As a result, the teas is high in catechins (antioxidants) but also contains the amino acid theanine, which as well as helping to relax the brain and body contributes an attractive sweet note to the tea. 

Stems are naturally low in caffeine and pan roasting further reduces the caffeine content of the tea still further. As a low caffeine, nutritious drink, houjicha is commonly given to babies in Japan and the sick, but it is also an immensely popular beverage, served after dinner, often as iced tea, and it's a favourite with tea farmers across the country. 

A unique and affordable tea.

Brewing Guidelines

Brew 4g/1.5 tbsps of tea leaves in 200ml of water. Use boiling water and and brew for just 15-30 seconds before decanting. This tea can be brewed three times, with a full flavoured cup each time. 

Houjicha is voluminous but light (about 50% lighter than sencha), so although it does look like a lot of tea, it's not! 

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