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Hario Cold Brew Tea Filter-in Pitcher




Cold brew your tea in this beautiful glass pitcher from Hario, a brand synonymous with good design and great quality. 

The filter and lid are made from stainless steel and rubber, and by design the lid opens and tea pours simply by tipping the pitcher. 

The pitcher fits neatly in the door of most fridges. 

Why cold brew tea? 

Slowly and gently steeping leaves in a fridge or at room temperature overnight creates a sweeter, smoother tea with little astringency. Cold brewed tea is also lower in caffeine and acid, which are extracted more effectively in hot water. Where hot water can effectively cook as it extracts flavour, creating chemical reactions and driving aroma and other substance from the leaves, cold water produces a simpler, less altered extract. 

Product features: 

W91 x D80 X H265
Practical capacity 900ml
Glass made in Japan
Lid and Filter made in China
Dishwasher Safe

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