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Hario ChaCha Fukami Teapot

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The Fukami Teapot by Hario provides an ideal way for tea enthusiasts to brew up quickly while watching the leaves dance and unfold in the pot. It has a wide body with wide metal filter mesh which enables you to insert the loose leaves with ease, and remove them when your leaves have steeped to perfection.

Made in Japan by Hario (which translated means 'The King of Glass'), the Fukami teapot has been manufactured from all natural components, with the high quality glass offering fantastic heat-resistance. 

Overall, the Fukami is an attractive and practical addition to any tea lover's collection. 

Additional Information

The Hario Fukami Teapot is also available in 3 sizes: 300ml, 450ml and 700ml. Alternatively, have a look at our dinky 180ml glass teapot, also from Hario – perfect for brewing up gong fu style.

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