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Spring 2019


Gyokuro, or Jade Dew, is Japan's most prestigious tea, with a complex personality that demands attention. It accounts for less than 0.3% of the Japanese production. 

Origin: Uji, Japan, spring 2019
Cultivar: Gokoh. This cultivar is only grown in in the Uji region. It is for known its fine aroma and produces umami-rich leaves when shaded. 

The tea bushes are shaded for 20-30 days prior to picking, filtering the light and forcing the leaves to produce higher levels of chlorophyll, caffeine and L-theanine (amino acids), which give the tea its smooth and sweet umami taste. Ours also has a creamed corn and nutty taste that is utterly delicious. 

Brewing Guidelines

For 2 small cups, brew 7-8g of tea leaves in 200ml of water. Use water at around 60C and brew for 1.5 to 2 minutes before decanting. This tea can be brewed three times, with a full flavoured cup each time. 

Avoid using water that is too hot, which will make an overly bitter cup of tea. 

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