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Frank Green Ceramic Flask

Ceramic lined stainless steel reusable flasks in 295ml or 595ml


These innovative flasks from Frank Green are the new addition to their range, replacing the stainless steel line. Now with an innovative ceramic inner layer and stainless steel outer layer, the reusable cup (295ml) and bottle (595ml) is about creating a pure flavour and aroma experience, the kind you'd expect from a ceramic cup. It's triple-walled and vacuum insulated for the ultimate temperature control to keep beverages hot or cold for hours. 

The ceramic range comes with all the features we've come to love about Frank Green: 

  • Removable strainer
  • Multi-award winning, easy to use one-handed push-button or straw, spill-resistant lid
  •  Drinking hole designed for optimum liquid flow
  • Unbreakable base due to premium grade stainless steel outer layer
  • Fits in standard size cup holders
  • BPA-free, FDA and EU safe materials approved. 
Doing Better By Our Planet

According to Frank Green, each year 300 million tonnes of plastic waste is produced globally – that's almost the weight of the entire human population. Around 99% of single-use cups end up in landfill and, looking forward, by 2050 scientist predict there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish. 

Reusable cups and bottles carry the power to reduce global plastic production by 20% in the next decade. In as little as 20 uses, you can offset the production cost it took to make your Frank Green reusable cup or bottle altogether. 

The Frank Green Philosophy

Their mission is to stop the manufacturing and use of single-use items by making sustainable products that don't compromise on style. So they created innovative products that are beautiful, functional and good for the environment. Designed for easy use and re-use, recyclable at the end of life, and made to fit you. 



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