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Darjeeling 1st Flush, Kanchan Tea Garden

Excellent flavour and great value first flush
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An uplifting and quenching cup with fresh green aromas and a clean dry finish. 

Origin: Kanchan Tea Garden, Darjeeling, India
Variety: Camellia sinensis sinensis

We chose this first flush from 2018 as it stood out from the others for great flavour at an exceptional price for first flush, which tends to be high due to increasing worldwide demand. 

Fragrant with warm, floral notes, light astringency on the cleansing palate. 

Brewing Guidelines

  • 3g
  • 200ml
  • 2min
  • 92°C

This tea can be reinfused. Be careful not to over steep first flush teas, which are inclined to ‘bolt’, or become unpleasantly astringent if brewed for too long or too hot.

We recommend drinking first flush Darjeeling without milk to allow the light flavours to shine.

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