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Darjeeling 1st Flush, Junpana Spring Wonder

2019, organically farmed
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This is a modern, ‘green’ style first flush from the renowned Junpana Tea Garden. The finished tea is characterised by spring freshness, all floral and fruit notes. The sweet tasting cup is a pretty golden yellow colour, and the finish has a refreshing mild astringency. 

Origin: Junpana Tea Garden, Darjeeling, India
Variety: Camellia sinensis sinensis

Jungpana has been run by the Kejriwal family since 1956, and the third generation are now firmly in their stride. The famously isolated garden, accessible only by foot, is east of Kurseong, beyond Goomtee Tea Estate (where our 2018 2nd flush hails from), and nestled in the Himalayan foothills at an elevation high enough and cold enough for the plant to shut down over winter.

The first flush refers to the first buds and leaves to shoot when the spring rains and warmth persuade the tea plant back to life. Those first teas contain active substances that built up in the plant over the cold, foggy winter and are driven into the new growth in spring. Growers strive to emphasise ever more complex aromas, and the fresh quality of the first crop is emphasised by a hard wither and short oxidation, which preserves the herbaceous, forward aromas and sweet finish.

The first flush has thus become keenly anticipated in markets globally, and prices, too, have risen.

Brewing Guidelines

  • 4g
  • 150ml
  • 3min
  • 90°C

This light style brews well gong fu style with a high proportion of leaf relative to water. 

We recommend drinking first flush without milk, which can dominate the tea. 

NB. Be careful not to over steep first flush teas, which are inclined to ‘bolt’, or become unpleasantly astringent if brewed too hot or too long.


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