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Cast Iron Teapot

600ml teapot, with stainless steel infuser


Our prettily decorated cast iron teapot has glazed enamel on the inside to prevent rust and oxidation. The tea pot’s shape and composition mean it has the ability to retain heat longer, and the deep stainless steel infuser can be easily removed to avoid over-steeping the leaves. 

Although cast iron teapots are traditionally used for green tea, they are suitable for all types of tea, and we think they are particularly good with less sensitive teas, such as roasted oolongs. All in all, they are perfect when holed up at your computer, or rugged up in front of the fire with no plans to move for a few hours! 

Cast iron teapots became popular in seventeenth century Japan as sencha rose in popularity. Until that time, only powdered green tea (eg matcha) had been available, and the move to leaf tea favoured the teapot. 

Unlike traditional Japanese tetsubins, which are used to boil water and brew tea, ours is solely used for brewing tea.

Instructions for Use and Cleaning

This product is not microwave safe.
Before use, rinse inside of your teapot with hot water only.
Wait until the teapot cools before washing with hot water only.
Remove the strainer and wash with soapy water before rinsing thoroughly.
Please dry thoroughly after use to prevent rusting. 

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