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Butterfly Pea Flowers


Our most mesmerising tea, these whole dried flowers from Thailand are a vivid deep blue, with light yellow markings. The liquor colours quickly to a deep indigo blue, which, with the addition of water, or acid (a squeeze of lemon), turns from purple to pink (depending on the alkalinity), making it a hit with cocktails makers and as a natural food and textile dye.

The dried leaves have an unusual quite intense note, a little like sesame seeds, which follows through on the palate, which is often described as earthy. 

Native to Southeast Asia, where it’s as common as chamomile, it’s served hot or cold, and is variously mixed with honey, ginger, mint, passion fruit and lemongrass – clearly one to experiment with.

Studies have shown Butterfly Pea Flower to be high in antioxidants and effective for reducing inflammation.

Brewing Guide

One heaped teaspoon per cup. Steep with boiling water for 1-2 minutes. Can be re-infused. 

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