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Black Oriental Beauty

Hand Picked, Beipu, Taiwan
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This rare tea is slightly honeyed, with spicy wood and lilac aromas. The rich russet-coloured liquor is satisfying, and the finish long and complex. One of Eunice's favourites.

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Oriental Beauty is normally processed as an oolong (like our regular Oriental Beauty), so it’s very unusual to find a black version. For the black tea, the leaves are fully oxidised to give a more full-bodied tea, characterised by the lovely floral aromas also found in the oolong version. 

Oriental Beauty is a bug-bitten tea, which sounds unpromising, but after being bitten by leafhoppers in the field, the plant responds by releasing an enzyme that’s attractive to humans (and intensifies during processing of the leaves), but repels further attacks by predators. A happy twist of fate!

Our Black Oriental Beauty comes from the neighbouring field of our regular Oriental Beauty, and it's fun to taste the two side by side. The cultivar, chin shin dah pah, grows well in Beipu, south of Taipei, on the protected leeward side of low lying hills, which enjoy high humidity and plenty of sunlight.

Brewing Guidelines

  • 3g
  • 250ml
  • 2-3min
  • 96°C

The leaf quantity, infusion time and temperature can be adapted to suit personal preference.

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