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Arakai Estate, QLD, Premium Green

Spring 2018//19 
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Arakai Estate tea is grown at 580m elevation in the rich volcanic soil and sub-tropical climate of the Bellthorpe Range, west of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

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Family owned and operated, the Arakai team farms holistically and processes the leaves on-site in a style heavily influenced by the Taiwanese. This is abundantly evident in their Premium, creamy green tea, which harks to pouchong in style, while their Premium Black tea is not unlike the ruby cultivar from Taiwan, or even Japanese black teas. 

In the family's words: "This gives a deliciously fresh and aromatic liquor that relaxes and revitalizes body, mind and spirit." We couldn't agree more. 

Six different Japanese small-leaf varieties of Camellia sinensis var. sinensis are planted on the 1-hectare estate, with the majority coming from Yabukita and Sayamakaori, and the remainder from Meirokyu, Yutakamidori, Fushin and Okumidori.

All nutrition applied to the soil is natural and necessary, and includes microbial inoculants to reduce nitrogen requirements, which maintains natural flavour in the tea.

There are no pesticides or fungicides used on the plantation. Herbicides are occasionally used in weed management when necessary, but the teas are guaranteed residue-free.

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Brewing Guidelines

Arakai suggest the following: 

"Use 200ml of water at 85-90°C with around 5g of tea. 
Steep for 30 seconds to 1 minute for a light floral infusion. 
Or, steep for 2-3 minutes for a full buttery flavour. 
Leaves can be steeped 3-5 times. 
Best enjoyed without milk or sweetener." 


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