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Bodum Pavina Double Wall Thermo-Glass sale

Bodum Pavina Double Wall Thermo-Glasses x 2

On Sale from £11.20 £16.00

Celadon porcelain cup sale

Celadon Porcelain Cup

£4.00 £5.00

floral yunomi sold

Floral Yunomi


White porcelain gaiwan sale

Gaiwan - White Porcelain

£7.00 £14.00

Hario Asian Teapot "Round" Small

£16.00 £27.00

Hario ChaCha Fukami Teapot sale

Hario ChaCha Fukami Teapot

On Sale from £17.50 £25.00

Hario Cold Brew Filter-in Bottle 300ml sale

Hario Filter in Bottle 300ml

£15.00 £19.80

Hario Tea Warmer Small sale

Hario Tea Warmer (Small)

£16.40 £20.50

Kinto Cast Water Jug 1.2L sale

Kinto Cast Water Jug

£18.00 £28.00

Kinto Kronos Double-Walled Glass Cup, 250ml sale

Kinto Kronos Double-Walled Glass Cup, 250ml

£10.00 £12.50

Kinto Kronos Double-Walled Tea Cup sale

Kinto Kronos Double-Walled Tea Cup, 200ml

£9.20 £11.50

Kinto Travel Tumbler, 350ml sale

Kinto Travel Tumbler, 350ml

£22.80 £28.10

Kinto Travel Tumbler, 500ml sale

Kinto Travel Tumbler, 500ml

On Sale from £26.00 £32.50

Manten Kyusu sale

Manten Kyusu

£20.00 £40.00

Manten Kyusu & Yunomi Set

£31.00 £62.00

Free whisk keeper (kusenaoshi) sale

Matcha Starter Set

£27.50 £55.00

Taylor Digital Timer

£7.00 £13.00

Yixing Teapot 200ml sold
Yixing Teapot 250ml sold
Yixing Teapot 300ml & Cups sale

Yixing Teapot 300ml & Cups

On Sale from £10.92 £15.60

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