Té Amor's Logo

on Dec 16, 2016
By Eunice Pallot

Our logo mainly explains itself – it’s an echo of our name and love of whole-leaf tea, as two falling leaves cross to form a heart. Moreover, in the world of tea, two leaves and a bud is a standard used when plucking the leaves, and an indicator of good quality. 

Different plucks are prescribed for different teas. For example, pickers might delicately pinch away just the unopened silvery buds, covered in soft downy hairs, to make Silver Needle white tea. These nascent leaves are high in nutrients and tend to make a light, sweet and delicate brew.

With regard to quality, the two leaves and a bud standard is, of course, a generalisation. For example, when making oolong tea, older, larger leaves from further down the tea plant are preferred. These leaves are manipulated, bruised and rolled to encourage oxidation and a more complex favour profile to develop, as cells combine to form larger compounds.

We just didn’t think we could get all that information into the logo. So two leaves and a bud it is.

Our thanks to the very clever team at Orchid for creating our fantastic logo!   


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