Té Amor Tea House is now open! Visit us 10.30-17.30, Tuesday to Saturday at 6 Waterloo Street, St Helier, to enjoy one of our single provenance teas and browse our beautiful range of teaware.


16 Dec

Té Amor's Logo

By Eunice Pallot Our logo mainly explains itself – it’s an echo of our name and love of whole-leaf tea, as two falling leaves cross to form a heart. Moreover, in the world of tea,...

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05 Dec

What is Tea?

By Eunice Pallot  As the second most commonly drunk beverage in the world (after water), most of us are very familiar with tea, but there might just be more to your humble cuppa than you think....

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17 Nov

Taiwan and our First Teas

By Eunice Pallot In November 2015 I visited a prospective tea supplier in Taiwan. The teas blew my mind, but, much to my surprise, Taiwan did too. To be fair, my expectations were fairly low,...

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16 Nov

A Guide to Brewing Loose, Whole-Leaf Tea

By Eunice Pallot We hope these brewing guidelines help you on your way to enjoying your whole-leaf tea to the max. But remember, every tea has a sweet spot, and you’ll need to experiment to...

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12 Nov

Cleaning and Seasoning your Yixing Teapot

 By Eunice Pallot  Before you use your new Yixing Teapot you need to clean it then season by making a brew. You should use your Yixing for only one style of tea, for example black or lightly...

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