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16 Sep

What is Tea?

What tea is and is not, and an outline of the different processing steps that distinguish the different tea categories. Read more →
22 Jul

Jersey Tea

Jersey tea now available at Té Amor! Read more →
22 Jul

£160 Cup of Tea

A £166 cup of tea being served at The Rubens Hotel near Buckingham Palace made front page news of The Times the other day, with the rejoinder: "that really takes the cake". The tea being...

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16 Dec

Té Amor's Logo

By Eunice Pallot Our logo mainly explains itself – it’s an echo of our name and love of whole-leaf tea, as two falling leaves cross to form a heart. Moreover, in the world of tea,...

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17 Nov

Taiwan and our First Teas

By Eunice Pallot In November 2015 I visited a prospective tea supplier in Taiwan. The teas blew my mind, but, much to my surprise, Taiwan did too. To be fair, my expectations were fairly low,...

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